Sophia Loren was voted the world’s most naturally beautiful person. When she was asked to share her secrets, Sophia Loren attributed her natural beauty to “a love of life, spaghetti, and the odd bath in virgin olive oil.” The practice of bathing in olive oil dates back to her Roman ancestors.

Sophia Loren has never had plastic surgery. Early in her career, she was urged to have her nose done, but she declined, and she has continued to reject the notion that women must mold themselves to fit some unnatural ideal of beauty.

According to the great actress Sophia Loren, namely pineapple allowed her to preserve the beauty and prolong their youth. She eats every day for one large pineapple, it contains acid stimulates collagen production

And lest you think these high opinions of Sophia Loren’s natural beauty are more nostalgia for the woman she was than praise for the women she is, it is worth noting that before the online poll Loren was already scheduled to appear in the world-famous Pirelli calendar for 2007.

You may not have quite as many natural attributes to work with as Sophia Loren. Who does? Still, there are many things you can do to enhance your own natural beauty throughout your life.